3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

I use the term Psychic Vampire as a useful analogy. In reality if we see people as a label the energy we fear tends to get worse not better. Often there is an important reason we attract such souls. When we met our PV we were probably on a high, we felt complimented, boosted up and as if we were seen for the first time. These mysterious lovers are great at hooking attention. We probably felt they were way more attractive to us than any of our other partners. Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire had nothing on them, at least initially. There was a mysterious, mesmerising magnetic force between us, as if we had known them for eternity.

9 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Draining You

People we love can sometimes drain us the most. For instance, at the end of a long day, he or she might come home in a negative mood or is needy and overbearing. Sometimes the draining behavior may go beyond this, when they become argumentative or hurtful. As a psychiatrist, I help my patients address these behaviors energy vampire with their mates in a tactful, loving way to find positive solutions.

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Unfortunately, some people are incapable of generating their own positive energy and draw it from other people instead. Just as mythical vampires need blood from their victims, these individuals drain others of their energy. So, how do you know whether you have energy vampires around you? You might notice that carrying out day-to-day tasks feels more difficult than usual, or that you need more sleep.

You might also turn to comfort eating or caffeine to stave off tiredness. Random aches and pains are a classic sign of energy depletion, anxiety, and depression. Energy vampires are usually irritable, downbeat, and see the worst in everything and everyone. They have a habit of destabilizing relationships, spreading gossip, and fostering mistrust. In an attempt to make themselves feel better, they might start to criticize your life choices, your personality, and opinions.

Do not give them that satisfaction. No one has the right to demand your attention or order you around. Some energy vampires can be highly charismatic and convincing, so it may come as a surprise to them when you stand your ground.


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Losing your energy when you’re with your partner? Here are 10 signs you’re in a relationship with an emotional vampire who’s sucking the life out of you. began, there’s a good chance you’re dating an emotional vampire.

Signs You Are Being Attacked by an Energy Vampire Here are some common types of emotional vampires in the romantic arena and how to deal from them clearly and effectively:. Their comments include the following: They can be so persistent that you feel pressured and drained. How To Protect Yourself: Set clear types with your mate in a kind, but firm tone. Please back off a little. You may need to practice limit setting for a vampire to connect this pattern.

The world is always against them, and this is the reason for their unhappiness. You want to help, but his or her tales of woe overwhelm you. How to Protect Yourself: You can connect and being briefly.

Dating energy vampires

Have you ever felt completely drained, depleted, and exhausted around a particular person, for no apparent reason? An energy vampire is a person who feeds off your emotional or psychic energy. As a result of the pain or insecurity they feel inside, energy vampires are addicted to preying on the vitality of others as an attempt to heal their inner suffering.

Just as mythical vampires need blood from their victims, these individuals drain others of their energy. In spiritual and self-development circles, they are known.

We are all energetic beings, so when our energy is constantly depleted and is not restored, it weakens our vibration. If we are not aware or conscious, this weaker vibration over time can cause us to turn into Energy Vampires. Often you will feel very drained or depleted of energy and you may also feel physical symptoms like headaches or even stress and anxiety when you are around them.

If you feel two or more of these symptoms after interacting with an individual, it could be that you are experiencing a form of psychic attack which allows the Energy Vampire to take some of your energy. The important thing to remember is that Energy Vampires are simply people who have been caught up in a cycle of negative energy. In fact, we are all prone to being an Energy Vampire at some point in our lives, so it is important to not judge or to be afraid.

No one can take your energy unless you allow them to and by putting up a stronger, positive force around you and remaining conscious of what is happening, no one will be able to drain you of your energy or effect the way you feel. If you do feel that you are surrounded by an Energy Vampire here is what you can do to protect yourself. Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire.

She also runs online courses and in-person retreats. They do this by constantly seeking attention, reassurance and by creating a lot of drama. You may also like.

What is an “energy vampire”? Avoid this personality at all costs

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You spent time and effort being excited and preparing for this new opportunity that didn’t exist. It’s kind of like dating. You go to your first date, and.

Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. Energy vampires can be anywhere and anyone. They can be your spouse or your best friend. They can be your cubicle mate or your neighbor. Learning how to identify and respond to this toxic behavior can help you preserve your energy and protect yourself from a great deal of emotional — and physical — distress.

Energy vampires are often charismatic. They may slink out of trouble when problems arise because of this charm.

How to spot (and deal with) an energy vampire

Being tired from spending time with your partner is not a good feeling. But how do you know if you’re being totally consumed by your relationship? What are the signs your partner is emotionally draining you?

Energy vampires are people who lower the vibration of others. mean, I’m reasonably attractive and I don’t smell, so how come guys never call me after a date?

Answer the following questions. Be as honest as possible:. It could very well be the first step to turning all of the above problems around. Parts of this article may not be easy to read. But I implore you to keep an open mind and take it seriously. And as a result, you inadvertently hurt those around you, who in return, push you away and hurt you further. Discover tips to become more self-aware, empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

Just drop your email below. Emotional vampires are called emotional vampires because they have a tendency to drain the emotional energy out of everyone they come in contact with. They need constant attention. They always have some crisis or major life event. All emotional vampires suffer from low self-esteem, but not all people with low self-esteem are emotional vampires.

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