Questioning the VEDAS NOT WRITTEN myth

When computers were discovered, religious organisations claimed that the machines had already been alluded to in a certain verses of the Quran. The same happened in case of the mobile phone. Even before that, when electricity was invented, it was claimed that Allah had already mentioned it in the holy book. The discovery of numerous planets and stars were similarly attributed. Just like many Hindus believe in the absolute infallibility of the Vedas. A while ago, on the occasion of the inauguration of the th Indian Science Congress, the Indian minister for science and technology, Harsh Vardhan, had claimed that the knowledge contained in the Vedas was more advanced than that of even Einstein.

Colony Earth: Science in The Vedas – Part 1

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While modern science tries to help us understand the universe from a materialistic perspective, Vedic texts help us understand the universe.

Great set of articles that you have here!! Keep up the good work! Was wondering if I could carry some of your articles on Drishtikone. I am sure more readers could benefit from your scholarship! Please let me know at drishtikone dot mail gmail dot com thanks, desh. Please remember that Rg Veda is not the oldest literary work. Sumerian Gilgamesh is about a thousand years older. Rg Veda is the oldest literary work from the Indian subcontinent.

That would be a circular argument. Then Sarasvati is the know in Rigveda much prior to they knowing Sindhu. SO Rigveda is older than Harrapa. It was written in East as they know of Saraswati and not Sindhu in earlier portions.

Science validates Vedic history

The science behind each and every actions and beliefs of Indians. Post a Comment. All Rights Reserved. Newer Post. Older Post. This article appeared in the Op-ed column of deccan chronicle paper.

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The core foundation of Hindu belief is that Vedas contain source of all knowledge — physical or metaphysical. However in last odd years, this belief has come under scrutiny due to the advances that modern science claims to make. However in modern era of religious marketing, another group has come up which would go to any length to discover scientific errors in Vedas. This is the group which would want million Hindus to lose faith in Vedas and their religion and embrace what they believe is the final message of God.

Yes I am referring to Islamic and Christian evangelists. While both these groups of evangelists are propelled by vision of making everyone in world a follower of their respective Holy Books, the situation is even more desperate for Quran zealots. This is because a bulk of Islamic evangelists believe that Jesus will come again towards end of the world after which they would reach Paradise forever. I do not know the original source of this superstition, but this remains a primary motivator for most Islamic evangelists today.

The typical pattern would be english translation of some mantra followed by a Veda Mantra reference. Often the reference and English translation are both pointing to sources best known to authors of these works. But for layman, these create a lot of confusion and doubt over relevance of Vedas. While I would shy away from thrusting my personal faith on Vedas, I would like to provide some excerpts from Vedas that provide clues to deep scientific concepts hidden within them.

Unfortunately, due to thousand years of slavery, burning of our universities and libraries by barbarians and then demands for tackling issues of survival first, there remains a lot of work to be done to rediscover the Vedic sciences. However, sufficient clues exist to justify why this rediscovery would be worthwhile.

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

Advaitavadini Kaul on the address mentioned below. Electronic transfer of money may be sent as per the details below:. The basis for any scientific discoveries and inventions is to explore, observe, experiment and interpret. For this, one needs to bank on prior knowledge, facts that are documented, so that the results lead to new or improved status in the given realm.

While its earliest parts are believed to.

A vast number of statements and materials presented in the ancient Vedic literatures can be shown to agree with modern scientific findings and they also reveal a highly developed scientific content in these literatures. The great cultural wealth of this knowledge is highly relevant in the modern world. Techniques used to show this agreement include: – Marine Archaeology of underwater sites such as Dvaraka – Satellite imagery of the Indus-Sarasvata River system – Carbon and Thermoluminiscence Dating of archaeological artifacts – Scientific Verification of Scriptural statements – Linguistic analysis of scripts found on archaeological artifacts – A Study of cultural continuity in all these categories.

And also, it is an offence to force anyone to study Krishna, because Krishna can only be controlled and studied by love. This knowledge is complete and ome must realise it ; oneself as the individual fallen soul and Krishna as the supreme or universal complete soul. Hare Krishna Thank You. Yunya is absolutely right because God or Krishna has spoken all these words and of course the one who creates the universe will say everything right, just because he has created it!

The scientific dating of the Ramayana and the vedas

The present volume on Vedic Physics by Keshav Dev Verma is indeed a unique attempt to interpret the ancient Indian literature by defining various symbols, concepts and the terminology occurring in Vedic hymns and other texts. While accepting Maharsi Dayananda’s view that Vedas are the repository of all true sciences, the author does examine this statement with a view to test it on the hard rock of truth. Shri Verma has selected Sankhya-Patanjala system that explains the physical world Universe on the basis of Cosmic evolution; the Vaisesika-Nyaya expounds the methodology and elaborates the concepts of physics, chemistry and mechanics.

It’s either ‘everything scientific was once found in ancient India’, Just like many Hindus believe in the absolute infallibility of the Vedas. Previous articleWhat the Cong-BJP fight over poll-date tweets tells us about their.

This paper addresses the issue of how science and history of science may help or be helped by Vedic studies. The conclusions drawn are that: 1. Vedic studies are important for the history of Indian science; 2. Modern science, in particular physics, is not a useful source of philosophical ideas that confirm aspects of Vedic studies; 3. Vedic studies will not contribute to modern scientific research; and 4.

Vedic studies are nevertheless centrally important for an understanding of Indian history and culture in general. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Scientific Dating Of Vedas

Though Sanskrit originated from Bharat India , it only has 15, Sanskrit communicators today, while over , people from rest of the world speak and communicate in Sanskrit to understand ancient Hindu texts. That is also one of the reasons, that americans and germans established several schools to learn Sanskrit to decipher the hidden treasures of Vedic wisdom. Sanskrit is ignored by India under the veil of shallow secularism which is ruining India to the core, degrading its moral and ethical values.

The Sanskrit speaking Aryans subscribed to the idea of a spherical earth in an era when the Greeks believed in a flat one. The Indians of the fifth century A.

Vedic Physics: Scientific Origin of Hinduism – Kindle edition by Roy, Raja Ram Publication Date: November 23, ; Sold by: Services LLC.

The History of Bharat Indian Subcontinent can be traced in fragments as far back as , years ago. The Indus Valley civilization , one of the oldest in the world, dates back at least 10, years. Human civilizations in India are some of the earliest ever and were as significant as counterpart civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

India’s history essentially includes all of the Indian subcontinent, including the more recent nations of Pakistan founded in after the partition of India, and Bangladesh founded in India is also inalienably linked with the history and heritage of close nations like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Butan, and India’s culture, economy and politics have in turn influenced the history of the nations of South East Asia and Central Asia, as well as Tibet, Afghanistan, Iran and China over thousands of years.

India has also strongly influenced life in medieval Europe, especially since the landing of Vasco Da Gama and the incorporation of India into the British Empire, from the s to

330 Hagelin: Veda and Physics: The Science and Technology of the Unified Field