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Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham [1] [2] born September 5, is a Swiss-born American actress, singer, dancer and model. Graham began her showbiz career in the entertainment industry at age six. Graham appeared in the marketing campaign as a member of the ” Fantanas “, known as Capri, also known as Strawberry. In , she appeared in the Disney Channel comedy series Hannah Montana playing the role of a girlfriend to Jason Earles ‘s character Jackson Stewart as a special guest for three episodes. Graham has also had notable supporting roles in films such as 17 Again and The Roommate. Filming on the film was put on hold that same month due to payroll issues with background performers.

The Vampire Diaries: Cast Relationships in Real Life

The Vampire Diaries has earned a cult-like following throughout its 8 riveting seasons. Apart from the drama of the relationships on the show, the series has inspired friendships and relationships off-camera. Their on-screen chemistry was so strong that people kept asking them if they were actually dating in real life!

“Working with Kat [Graham] has been so great. She is a great actress and an even better person. I have been happy to finally have a girlfriend.

Fresh from the DC FanDome event! Check out the latest trailer for Wonder Woman Watch the trailer. Title: The Reckoning 13 Oct However, when uninvited guests show up, it doesn’t take long for the evening to take a deadly turn. Damon convinces Jeremy that he can use his new connection to the other side to help find a way to defeat Klaus.

Kat Graham

Sarah looks to be excited about the new season of Charmed. Im really prouddd. ONE month away!!! Later on today, Daniel and Joseph will be chatting up the new season of The Originals with their co-stars, so stay tuned for pics! More Here! Sorry ladies — Joseph Morgan is officially off the market!

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Ah, the way they were. Cue the Boyz II Men. Does this make them an official couple? What more does she need to know? Stefan gives her a vervain-filled necklace, the vampire-equivalent of a promise ring. While Elena is ready to forgive and forget but not in a mind-erase-y way , Stefan wants the killing to stop and decides to leave town, alone. Elena tells Stefan she loves him. He decides to stay, and they decided to lose their clothes.

Post-coitus, Elena finds a photo of Katherine, and realizes Stefan really does have a type. Stefan has been drinking human blood on the down low, something that makes him unstable. Katherine is still in love with Stefan, and she threatens to kill Elena unless he breaks things off with the human doppelganger. For now. He and Elena proceed to make out.

What the cast of The Vampire Diaries is doing now

The hunky vampire actor tied the knot after he proposed to girlfriend White back in May of this year. Morgan plays original vampire Klaus Mikaelson on both series, while White portrayed the mom of Bonnie Bennett, played by Diaries series regular Kat Graham. For their wedding attire, the pair opted for a classical look.

– Sorry ladies, Joseph Morgan is officially off the market! On May The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham(Bonnie) & Michael Malarkey(Enzo) Kat Graham.

The series followed the residents of Mystic Falls, a historic town that had quite a long history with the supernatural creatures that have called it home. Luckily, the stars of the series have gone on to appear in a lot of other shows since then! While we all know that some of them, like Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan, went on to play the same characters in spin-off shows, most of the cast moved on to new projects. Fam is a series that aired for one season in and stars Nina Dobrev as Clem, a woman who got engaged recently and lives in New York City where she works for The Met.

The series is set shortly after Clem got engaged, when her life should be totally happy. Unfortunately, things change when her younger misbehaving sister moves in with her. Pretty cool! She was one of the central characters in the earlier seasons but wasn’t quite as much of a focus later on in the series. Jenna was Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s aunt, and they lived with her after losing their parents.

The series follows the title character after the death of her mother, Katherine, as she puts her plans for going to college on hold to take a year off to work. Anna was a vampire and a major character in the first few seasons. She was dating Jeremy Gilbert and had come back to Mystic Falls in order to try to get her mother out of the tomb where she was sealed with the other vampires in the 19th century.

Joseph Morgan Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriends, Wife & More

Check out what Wesley, Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev — who played their characters’ mutual love interest Elena Gilbert, and other stars from The Vampire Diaries have been up to in recent years. Dobrev has dated a few celebs over the years. They split after about seven months. They broke up in Ian and Nikki are also philanthropists and active in their charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation , which “works to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

Oct 17, – The couple split after nearly four years of dating. Kat Graham, Claire Holt, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev on TVD set. Serie. Serie The Vampire​.

She has appeared in numerous television shows and film productions, as well as music videos. Graham was born in Geneva, while her father was working as a journalist for the United Nations. Her parents divorced when she was five. She is a supporter of LGBT rights. Graham began her career in the entertainment industry at age six. Over the next eight years, she appeared in various commercials, including those for Barbie, K-Mart, Pop Tart, and Edison.

The film is a follow up to the film Honey, which starred Jessica Alba. Additional work includes starring in the as-yet-unreleased Boogie Town, as Ingrid. In addition to being a professional actress and dancer, Graham began to pursue a career as a musical artist.

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The Vampire Diaries is a beloved supernatural television series that ran for eight seasons. It is based off the books of the same name by author L. When the series premiered on The CW, it had the largest audience since the network began.

Kat Graham, Joseph Morgan, Nathaniel Buzolic and Sebastian Roche – The Vampire Diaries Stefan TVD The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder(Damon) & Kat Graham(Bonnie) awww Nina Dobrev is now dating her best friend¿s.

And then I realized something. The day that Kat was talking about him staying until 3 a. It was the same day, right, that means it really WAS just the two of them? The only thing that could make me happier is if Joseph Morgan said that he thinks Kat is hot too. And then I would just explode. I get my hopes up so high, but in the end, all this love does is ruin my emotions and mental state.

For that ik going to refer you to thefudge and irresistible-revolution as they would know the details better than me. Everything you do makes me collectively want to cry, kiss you, and punch you. Nothing you do is done just because it needs to but because you want to. Nothing about you is perfect in the way that people want me to believe but perfect in the way that I have learned to believe.

Something about you is off, however. I see potential eternal content within your ocean eyes.

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